Friday, June 10, 2011

HOW TO : Panic exit in NAPA

"Panic Exit" error message is well known for all NAPA users. If I'm not wrong they've changed it in 2008 release into something like this :
Now you maybe ask yourself how long I had to wait to write this post until I managed to get the message. Answer : Not much :o)
Following procedure was tested on NAPA rel. 2010.2-3 and also 2010.2-4 but feel free to test it on other releases as well.
  1. Start NAPA
  2. Open project (e.g. use PRO command)
  4. Use open button or FILE->OPEN
  5. And now type name of existing loading condition, in my case L30
  6. In upper left corner click by mouse on either Detailed list or Properties list
  7. And afterwords click on another loading condition than you've typed before
  8. there you go - Panic Exit - enjoy
Let me some complains. It's a bit odd, that NAPA has quite high price+maintenance and at the same time the focus is not on already existing basic tools but on building new ones. Or maybe by other words, there was no improvement of text editor for years, but every year there is some "new" and "fancy" manager application. Another think is, that NAPA guys develops only the features which are asked by rich customers with high number of licenses. Other users has probably only bad ideas about NAPA.

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