Sunday, April 13, 2014

WOT on Ubuntu Linux

This time I'll try to share some experience with WOT - World of Tanks.
Most probably it is "discovering" the wheel.
Firs of all here is my setup for playing World of Tanks:
- Play on Linux
- Worl of Tanks 8.11

A good hint is to disable the torrent download, which is due to some reason not working and it's stopping after a while with error. It is possible to disable it by clicking on small spanner button in upper right corner of initial start-up window.

The second possible reason is to download torrents updates manually and place it in folder /home/"user"/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives/WorldOfTanks/drive_c/Games/World_of_Tanks/Updates. After download of torrent just restart the game.

The only interesting part is how to run the game reply in let say comfortable way:
  1. Start your Play on Linux and select your World of Tanks installation
  2. Click Configure
  3. In tab General choose Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive and call it e.g. WorldOfTanksReplay
  4. Refer to worldoftanks.exe (not WOTlauncher!)
  5. Again under General tab use following in the Argument filed: replays/replay_last_battle.wotreplay

6. Than close and create shortcut on your desktop if you want
7. One of important settings is in WOT itself - in your settings choose Enable battle recording - Last
This means that your last game will be always recording and you can replay it by double clicking on the icon.