Sunday, April 13, 2014

WOT on Ubuntu Linux

This time I'll try to share some experience with WOT - World of Tanks.
Most probably it is "discovering" the wheel.
Firs of all here is my setup for playing World of Tanks:
- Play on Linux
- Worl of Tanks 8.11

A good hint is to disable the torrent download, which is due to some reason not working and it's stopping after a while with error. It is possible to disable it by clicking on small spanner button in upper right corner of initial start-up window.

The second possible reason is to download torrents updates manually and place it in folder /home/"user"/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives/WorldOfTanks/drive_c/Games/World_of_Tanks/Updates. After download of torrent just restart the game.

The only interesting part is how to run the game reply in let say comfortable way:
  1. Start your Play on Linux and select your World of Tanks installation
  2. Click Configure
  3. In tab General choose Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive and call it e.g. WorldOfTanksReplay
  4. Refer to worldoftanks.exe (not WOTlauncher!)
  5. Again under General tab use following in the Argument filed: replays/replay_last_battle.wotreplay

6. Than close and create shortcut on your desktop if you want
7. One of important settings is in WOT itself - in your settings choose Enable battle recording - Last
This means that your last game will be always recording and you can replay it by double clicking on the icon.


  1. i dont have a Argument section on my window

  2. As you can see on the screenshot it must be there. It is actually "Argumants" not "Argument".

  3. Thank you Castler. You have my gratitude.